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16 February 2007 The police officer from Orsk suspected of the murder is detained 16 February 2007 A drunken prosecutor exercised in boxing with teenage boys. 14 February 2007 The trial over the police officers from Sechenovo is approaching the verdict stage 13 February 2007 One more application against torture by law enforcement officers from Nizhny Novgorod was registered by the Court in Strasbourg 09 February 2007 Dear guests! 08 February 2007 The trial over the police officers from Bashkortostan charged with ill-treatment of minors has been going on for a year already 07 February 2007 The trial over the police officers charged with beatings of minors continues in Bashkortostan 06 February 2007 Ex prosecutor of Blagoveschensk has nothing to afraid of for the time being 06 February 2007 An international seminar on protection of soldiers’ rights is held in Nizhny Novgorod 05 February 2007 A ping-pong game 02 February 2007 The prosecutor agrees that beatings of minors in law enforcement agencies are not allowed 01 February 2007 The case of mass beatings of citizens by special police forces in Krasnodar Region has been referred to court 01 February 2007 The reviewing authority has considered the complaint of Elena Lisina 30 January 2007 Legal Councilor of the Open Society Institute Ms. J. Harrington (New York) visits the Committee Against Torture 29 January 2007 The City Court of Bogorodsk will consider the case of the Kabanovs again 26 January 2007 Leading jurists of the world will hold a public hearing on counter-terrorism in Russia 26 January 2007 The Deputy Prosecutor of Dzerzhinsk will be examined as to compliance with the law 25 January 2007 The trial over sadist policemen in Bashkiria continues 24 January 2007 The hearing of arguments by the parties of the criminal case of A. Anoshin has been again postponed 23 January 2007 The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has dismissed the appeal of SRCF against the judgement of the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court to liquidate it