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04 September 2019 A man will receive two hundred thousand roubles from the Federal Penitentiary Service for the death of his brother at Pre-Trial Detention Facility 03 September 2019 “The law is not working yet, but we passed the stage of the problem awareness”: Igor Kalyapin on how the situation with tortures changed in 20 years 30 August 2019 Comiс strip “The Committee Against Torture. Beginning” 27 August 2019 The police apologized for abduction and tortures of a resident of Nizhny Novgorod in 2004 26 August 2019 “We shall torture! There is no other way.” A resident of Orenburg accuses the police officers of tortures with electric shocker 23 August 2019 The victims of law-enforcement officers’ violence at the Moscow rallies applied to the Investigative Committee 21 August 2019 Investigation of torture case in Nalchik will be dealt with at the republican level 21 August 2019 The verdict of the police officer from Nizhny Novgorod, convicted for torture, came into force 20 August 2019 "You don’t understand where you are, we are not police!” A resident of Gelendzhik accuses FSB officers of torture 14 August 2019 Police officers lost the materials of the check of the convict’s battery at the penal colony 12 August 2019 No video records of the day of the possible battery at the police department are available 09 August 2019 “Russian Yoga School”: how law-enforcement officers torture people in Russia. Project of Meduza, Zebra Hero creative agency and the Committee Against Torture 08 August 2019 Ex-defendant in the case of the Orenburg entrepreneur and his son’s murder report tortures 05 August 2019 The European Court communicated the complaint of a resident of Chechnya related to abduction and electricity torture 15 July 2019 Dismissal of the criminal case with regard to tortures of four residents of Anapa is declared illegal 15 July 2019 On the tenth anniversary of Natalya Estemirova’s assassination, human rights organizations demand justice 11 July 2019 “There are still no effective investigations of torture complaints”, — lawyer with the Committee Against Torture comments on the growing number of complaints from Russian citizens to Ms Moskalkova 10 July 2019 “We are going to skin you alive now, you’ll be like Fantomas”. Residents of the Krasnodar Territory accuse the police officers of tortures with boiling water 09 July 2019 The European Court communicated application with regard to obscure disappearance of a citizen from Grozny 08 July 2019 Human rights defenders will insist on interrogation of the head of Dagestan through court