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29 November 2018 “Completely different approach shall be taken to establishing special departments” 27 November 2018 A citizen from the Krasnodar Territory claims of having been tortured at the police department of Tuapse 26 November 2018 The court declares the refusal of the investigative authorities to investigate the complaint against the police torture in Grozny to be legal 23 November 2018 Igor Kalyapin becomes Egor Gaydar’s Prize laureate 22 November 2018 Igor Kalyapin: “I served three months in jail, and then by accident it was found out that I was innocent” 21 November 2018 The Supreme Court of Russia sided with a citizen from Nizhny Novgorod who accuses the Anti-Extremism Centre officers of torture 21 November 2018 In Nizhny Novgorod, court trial on the case of Aleksandr Novoselov abduction and torture commences 15 November 2018 Father and son, claiming of tortures by SOBR officers, apply to the European Court 13 November 2018 Seventy thousand rubles for a spine broken at the Nizhny Novgorod police 13 November 2018 Lawyer with the Committee Against Torture comments the statement of the Deputy Minister of Justice of Russia 09 November 2018 The investigators have not yet questioned Amnesty International officer who claimed of abduction and torture 08 November 2018 Human rights defenders applied to the ECHR in order to prevent the expulsion of a father of many children from Russia 07 November 2018 The Investigative Committee refused to resume the check of the complaint against the battery by the police officers 01 November 2018 The criminal case on abduction and torture is resumed in Krasnodar 30 October 2018 For the 17th time the Investigative Committee resumes the check based on MMA wrestler Murad Amriev complaint against torture in the Chechen police 25 October 2018 Thirteen months of investigative impotence 24 October 2018 The Investigative Committee will pay 10 000 rubles for inefficient work of their investigators 19 October 2018 The European Court communicated the complaint of a citizen from Nizhny Novgorod against tortures that took place eight years ago 18 October 2018 Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia refused to apologize for actions of their officers from the Orenburg region 16 October 2018 The court which acquitted the police officers in torture case will not examine their case again