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25 February 2019 After eight years, the investigator performed a check using polygraph, and once again refused to initiate criminal proceedings with regard to a torture case 21 February 2019 After seven years, a criminal case on police torture is opened in Nizhny Novgorod 19 February 2019 The Krasnodar Prosecutor’s Office repeatedly obliged to resume the criminal case on torture and abduction 18 February 2019 A rapist in uniform is released on parole 15 February 2019 Human rights defenders established the legality of the police officers’ actions with regard to the young man with a mental disorder 14 February 2019 The Investigative Committee refused to interrogate the head of Dagestan with regard to the murder of brothers-shepherds 06 February 2019 Human rights defenders repeatedly applied to the European Court with regard to the death of the apprehended person at the police department 05 February 2019 The torture victim wins three hundred fifty thousand rubles from the Ministry of the Interior by court action. The police think that this is too much 01 February 2019 The five-year long investigation of the death at Pre-Trial Detention Center will cost the state 230 000 rubles 31 January 2019 “Tortures require an article. Member of the Human Rights Council Igor Kalyapin on why there is a need to include law-enforcement officers abuse of people in the Criminal Code”, Kommersant 29 January 2019 The suspect does not have a possibility. The case of police torture is suspended in Nalchik 24 January 2019 Former police officers from Moscow, who beat up the football coach, are sentenced to real jail time 21 January 2019 The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe will examine the case of tortures at the Nizhny Novgorod Anti-Extremism Centre in 2010 18 January 2019 In Bashkiria, retrial of two police officers, charged with electricity torture, starts 17 January 2019 “The Federal Penitentiary Service wants to violate the confidentiality principle” 17 January 2019 The Federal Penitentiary Service will pay half a million rubles to the mother for the death of her son after the battery by the pre-trial detention facility officers 16 January 2019 The court estimated the moral damage of the woman who was illegally detained for insult of the police officer, at 5000 rubles 14 January 2019 The victim of sexual violence at the Orenburg penal colony applied to the European Court 11 January 2019 The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe will examine the case of abduction and torture of a citizen from Nizhny Novgorod in 2004 10 January 2019 The European Court will examine another complaint against torture at the Nizhny Novgorod police