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05 February 2020 The anniversary of red tape. For the thirteenth time, the Orenburg investigators refused to initiate criminal proceedings on police torture 04 February 2020 Three residents of Orenburg who were subjected to police torture, won their applications at the European Court 04 February 2020 The Investigative Committee decided not to check the statements of Ramzan Kadyrov 30 January 2020 A check with regard to torture complaints, made by former defendants in the case of murder of the Orenburg businessman and his son, is resumed 29 January 2020 Is Russia executing the ECHR rulings? The Committee Against Torture’s blog 28 January 2020 The European Court awarded a compensation to a convict from the Krasnodar Territory 27 January 2020 “By way of human rights defense supervision”, Kommersant 24 January 2020 Lawyer Evgeny Goubin: “I was writing about one thing, and Krasnov responded about a completely different one”, Advokatskaya Ulitsa 21 January 2020 “No one inflicted bodily injuries to him”. In Bashkiria, it was decided not to open a torture case 20 January 2020 The ECHR communicated a complaint about illegal apprehension of lawyers with the Committee Against Torture in Chechnya 20 January 2020 Former head of Nizhny Novgorod Anti-Extremism Center “E” is interrogated with regard to a torture case 15 January 2020 After 10 months the criminal case on police torture is resumed in Bashkiria 14 January 2020 The court compelled the Investigative Committee to check the report on abuse at the Moscow City Court for the 14th time 13 January 2020 After nine and a half years, the check with regard to tortures of six residents of Orenburg is resumed 10 January 2020 The former suspect for murder of the Orenburg businessman and his son received a compensation for damage 24 December 2019 The criminal case with regard to disappearance of the Aidamirov sisters is resumed in the Chechen Republic 23 December 2019 The Investigative Committee is checking the application of a resident of Bashkiria concerning police torture and threats of raping with a police truncheon 19 December 2019 In Tuapse, the illegally dismissed case on police torture is resumed 18 December 2019 Applying violence against the Moscow protesters this summer will not be investigated 18 December 2019 “He advised that I should shout louder, maybe someone would hear me”. How official solicitors sign the testimonies forced by torture, “Mediazona”